by Destroy Judas

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G M Slater
G M Slater thumbnail
G M Slater An hauntingly brilliant blend of doom metal, ambient and post-metal. Slowly building and extremely powerful music that takes the genre into refreshing and unexpected places... *I just saw these guys live and was completely blown away! I HIGHLY recommend seeing them ANY chance you get.
Kevin Page
Kevin Page thumbnail
Kevin Page For anyone smart enough to love and adore Mindrot and Eyes of Fire, naturally needs to complete the trifecta with Dan (of both bands) and Nick (EoF) being current members Favorite track: To The Sea.
Shaun Black
Shaun Black thumbnail
Shaun Black Doom Metal for those days/nights when you just wanna say "Fuck it all!" and slash your wrists
Heavy Weight Show KQNY 91.9FM Quincy CA
Heavy Weight Show KQNY 91.9FM Quincy CA thumbnail
Heavy Weight Show KQNY 91.9FM Quincy CA Awesome depth and not afraid to make long tracks. Playing these guys on my show. Favorite track: Drown.
Lin thumbnail
Lin Probably my favorite name-your-price release on bandcamp. Epic first track is epic. Favorite track: Wake.
Christopher Melkus
Christopher Melkus thumbnail
Christopher Melkus Impossibly bleak, heart-breaking and utterly monolithic. Dead of winter murder-suicide music. Favorite track: Wake.
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released February 21, 2011




destroy judas Long Beach, California

From many bands we come together to create one. Creating heavy, moving, emotion filled music. With intense volume and no mercy. We have come together to destroy our Judas'.


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Track Name: Destroy Judas - Wake
Woke today, longing for my innocence
Track Name: Destroy Judas - To The Sea
Cast away to seas of naught
Track Name: Destroy Judas - Seek The End
As I stand here, awaiting the silent sunset
Track Name: Destroy Judas - Drown
My blood grows thin, this path now ends